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floating in a starry world

Float on, float on~

I've almost moved all my http sites off my old host & onto my old-new host completely...including massive amounts of data entry and recoding and replacing and fwoosh~ all this while enduring a particularly nasty nerve attack, so I'm proud. Still a little cleanup to do, but it's all good.

★ wings wings wings
★ baby the stars sparkle
★ mélamar: hearthome

The Wired is home. It always will be. I can make it home, because there are no boundaries to it...rather like another place I know by heart, come to think of it...

Foolish boy...don't you know anything about Fantasia? ... it HAS no boundaries!

The real Wired, where the people are, is very empty these days. But that just means that we can fill that emptiness. The Nothing does not get to win on the Wired, not as long as we exist. And we exist here forever, forever, forever.

I will bleed out over the cables. I'll write again. I will.

ฅ>^. .^<ฅ kon kon~


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