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eternally (re)wired

I need to start writing in here, I think. No, gemtext is not ideal, and smol.pub sort of floats between http and gemini, and I feel weird talking about...essentially nothing of consequence while most gemlog capsules are used for interesting devstuff, and I am just a boring static HTML hobbyist, but.


something has to give. I have to bleed words onto something, or I'll implode. and smol.pub is...well, small. in a liminal space, like myself. and people are free to ignore my nonsense if they wish. it's lonelier, but it's...*safer*, I suppose.

besides which, I wrote my first online story way back in the day in plain text. uploaded the chapters as .txt files to save space on the freeserver I was on. I was 14 and that was 75,000+ words, in the end. if 14-year-old Kirr could deal with plain text, present day (pReSenT TimE...hahahaaha--!) Kirr can certainly deal with gemtext.

maybe there will never be a place where I can be totally honest. masks, masks, always masks. but may here, it can be just a half-mask. we'll see.

my life is actually horrifically uninteresting, and I rarely have anything of any real interest to say, but. but the mind is filled with wordtangles. and I know they mean nothing, I know, maybe not even to *me*, but they need to live somewhere. here is where. and I'll put the even tanglier wordwhirls over on bear, again -- they seem to enjoy markdown.

and, y'know. wordpress is such a bitch of a thing to work with.

so much for the introspection. ♥


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